Swap For IOTX Gas on Mimo

Please navigate to the application menu located on the navigation bar, where you will find the "BUY IOTX - CRYPTO" option. This feature enables users to seamlessly convert their bridged BNB, MATIC, or ETH tokens into IOTX on the IoTeX Main Network, offering a robust and straightforward swapping experience.

Users enter the quantity of BNB, MATIC, or ETH tokens they wish to convert, and check the estimated IOTX receipt amount. Please note the estimated IOTX is based on a price oracle. The actual delivered IOTX is based on the price at the time of delivery.

To initiate the swap, simply click on the "BUY IOTX" button. Upon completion of the process, the IOTX will be credited to your account. However, please be aware that currently, only small quantities are supported.

Additionally, users have the capability to review the status of transactions.

We are constantly striving to enhance our platform and are in the process of adding support for more tokens that can be swapped in the future.

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