Listing Token on Mimo V2

Add Initial Liquidity

Mimo is a decentralized exchange. Anyone can add a token very easily. To add liquidity to mimo v2. You can start here:

Once you add liquidity, people can trade your tokens directly by using the token address. You can use the trading link for your token this way:[Your Token Address]

If you want your token logo to be supported on mimo (includuing mimo info), you may consider adding your token to After approval from token-metadata, your token will have its logo on mimo products.

List on Mimo's Default Token List

Adding to mimo's default token list allows user easily access your token through the trading interface. We consistently review all tokens and add them to the token list. Here are some considerations of adding a token to default view.

  1. Liquidity. The token's liquidity needs to at least $100K.

  2. Social presence.

  3. Token holders.

  4. Endorsement from reputed parties, such as IoTeX foundation.

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