FAQ (V2)

What will happen to mimo v1? Do I need to port over my liquidity to mimo v2?

mimo v1 is a set of smart contracts deployed on IoTeX and will continue to function alongside mimo v2. However, liquidity on mimo v1 is separate from liquidity on mimo v2. Over time, we anticipate (and encourage) much of the liquidity from mimo v1 to be ported over to mimo v2 to benefit from our new features.

Shall I choose V1 or V2?

If you are a trader, you can choose whichever has a better price. There could be arbitrage opportunities between the two as well.

If you are liquidity provider, you should start considering V2 as the first choice as it will be the official default interface.

Will liquidity move over to V2 automatically?

No. Users have to move liquidity over to V2. All liquidity are locked in smart contracts. Only the owners of the liquidity have access to them.

How can I list a new token on mimo V2?

Anyone can add a token very easily. Please add liquidity to mimo v2. You can start here: https://swap.mimo.exchange/#/add/IOTX

Once you add liquidity, people can trade your tokens directly by using the token address. You may consider add your token to https://github.com/iotexproject/iotex-token-metadata to make it looking better.

However, adding liquidity does not add your token to mimo's token list and showing up on mimo's default views. We add tokens to default token list very strictly. Here are some considerations of adding a token to default view.

  1. liquidity.

  2. social presence

  3. token holders

  4. endorsement from reputed parties, such as IoTeX foundation.

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